Friday, March 30, 2012

Newborn photo shoot

Here are a few of my favorites from Naomi's newborn photo shoot.

Happy Sauce

Being a parent is great.  It's also really hard sometimes.  Actually, it's hard a lot of the time.  And it's really easy to articulate what is hard and why it is hard.

It's much harder to describe what is so great about it.  I think the look on Jenny's face here does a pretty good job of it.  I love this picture.

Special Gifts

Naomi is lucky to have super crafty relatives. Here are just a few of her home-made goodies:

Blanket from Savta

Green bunting from Aunt Jenee

Tulip hat from Grandma

Naomi and her grandparents

2 months old

Here's Naomi's 2month picture - and her 1 month for comparison since we didn't have a blog then!

Random Pictures

First Flight

Naomi had her first flight to Milwaukee for a wedding. She did great but we still had to get a little creative to keep our neighbors happy. Here's proof that Mimi is now the boss of this family....and that we would do anything for this girl!